Our Missionaries
Missionary Statements
Faith Baptist Church
John & Debbie Anderson  China
Connie Anderson      Haiti
William Benegas      Bolivia
Henry Benach          Jewish End-Time Ministries
Brent & Selina Bergey    South Africa
Carl & Marie Bernard       Quebec
Glenn & Anne Browder    Mission Helps
Coco Chan        Trinidad & Tobago
Brian & Amanda Collins   Zambia
Tatiana Cordeiro       Brazil
Joel & Cynthia Dickens    Brazil
Nap & Shirley Donado    China
Larry & Cindy Harrison    Mexico
Jim & Becky Heberle       Australia
Michael & Jen Helton      Spain
Kirk & Kathy HickockBrazil
Charles & Nina Hoblitz     Country of Georgia
Paul & Sarah Johnson     Japan
Kevin & Jessica Jones     Russia
Randall & Linda Jordan   Italy
Frank & Susan Kinsey      Costa Rica
Walt & Eloise Kirkman     Arkansas
Matt & Sarah Litson  Canada
David & Julie Loop   Portugal
Matias & Mery Mojica       Bolivia
Matias Mojica, Jr      Bolivia
Samuel & Carla Owens    Georgia
Rodney & Barbara ParrottJapan
Kerri Phillips     Uganda
Yura & Wendy Popchenko       Ukraine
Mike & Tammy Ring Brazil
Nathan & Sarah Ring       Brazil
Brent & Franci Rochester        Northwest America & Canada
David & Bong Russell      South Korea
Gregg & Angela Schoof   Rwanda
Andy & Lisa Simpson      Taiwan
Steve & Jayne StrullGermany
Alan & Elana Sutphen     Uganda
Tommy & Jo Ann TillmanThailand & Mongolia
Marvin & Sandy Tobin     Mexico
Doug & Roberta Weed     Mexico
Ben & Anita WhartonUS Military
Ben & Edie Wharton Church Helps
Ken & Heather Wheelock Ecuador
Pamelia Wieler Uganda
Ethel Wilson      Japan
Jon & Larysa Zwingel       Russia
"And He said unto them, Go ye into all the World, and preach the gospel to every creature."
          Mark 16:15
Growing Strong in God's Grace
2 Peter 3:18 
"Living abroad, like traveling makes you realize that “normal” only means socially or culturally accepted. When you plunge into a different culture and a different society, your notion of normality soon falls apart. You learn there are other ways of doing things, and after a while, you too take to that habit you never thought you would embrace."
-Samuel & Carla Owens
Missionaries to Georgia

"We had over 250 campers who for four days enjoyed many activities such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, group and invididual competitions . Of course, they remained well fed since we had a spectacular group of brothers and sisters who worked hard to keep their energy levels high with good food. Most importantly, we challenged them with God’s Word through preaching and counseling. With my dad, we developed a four day manual aimed to challenge our young people with a Christian Worldview."
-Matias Mojica Jr
Missionary to Bolivia